It Looks Like We Are Caravan Owners…

April 13, 2009 by  
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And as usual things got done back to front. (Usual state of affairs in our house)!

Remember I said yesterday we were going to Wales to check out a caravan and Eddie (Tracey’s helicopter instructer) was flying us over. Well John (Tracey’s partner) decided to “assist” us in our search for our perfect caravan

To be honest both Bob and I started to get slightly fed up last night because we felt that everything we were trying to do was being taken over by other people. We both appreciate that folks have our best interests at heart, but honestly it makes me wonder how our beloved only child and her partner even imagine how we’ve gotten into our 50’s without them to guide us through our adult life.

Believe it or not, we both hold down really responsible well paid jobs, yet Tracey and John are convinced we are just babes in the woods and we know absolutely nothing about the big wide world out there. John bless him hates it if we buy anything without consulting him first, and to be fair he’s probably right as he has demonstrated today.

But I digress…

John phoned Bobby last night to tell him he had found a super 2007 Bailey Pageant Vendee S6 for £9250. The good news was, he had rung the chap who was happy to accept £8250. The bad news was, the van is in Bristol. (That’s a continent away for Bobby, and I could see him blanche whilst he was talking to John).It’s like he said when he put the phone down, it would mean travelling 4 hours there and 4 hours back to look at it, and doing the same again when he went to pick it up. (He just didn’t want to do that).

So later last night, John came up to see us with some suggestions. He’s spoken to the chap selling the van, who had said he would be happy to bring it over from Bristol if we wanted it. (Bobby visibly brightened lol), then said he’d had a word with his brother Dave who has a 4 seater plane and he would be happy to fly Bob to Bristol to check it out. Lol you ought to have seen his face at that offer. Bobby only likes planes that have stairs and can seat about 600 people. The thought of getting in one which can only sit 4 didn’t go down to well at all. (I couldn’t stop smirking). But there again I didn’t particularly fancy it either.

Anyway to cut a long story short, we all decided Bob and I would fund the flight if Tracey and John went with Dave to check it out for us.

I think they were a tad surprised that we weren’t to bothered about checking it out ourselves (as such), but it’s like I explained to them, We had seen the photo’s of the inside, I know what the layout is like etc, All we needed was for someone to go, check everything was kosher etc and the van was in good nick.

Tracey wanted to use some of the experience for her hours map reading or something, so she was quite happy to go and John likes flying anyway so it was an excuse for him to get up in the air with his brother. (He used to fly planes himself, but he does just helicopters now).

They also decided to take Adam for a treat, so we had Jessica for the afternoon and decided to go check Nettleton Park (near Caistor) out as it’s only about a 45 minute drive from us.

Anyway they got back a couple of hours ago, and Tracey says the van is like new and she thought it was lovely. Apparently when the chap drew up with it, (They had to meet up at the airfield), even John and Dave were impressed especially when they went inside, (It was like it had never been lived in). Apparently it’s only been used a few times, Tracey says that was obvious just by looking at it.

Lol John is now realising how nice they are and apparently is already making plans to borrow it to go to Cormwall in the Summer using my Focus to pull it, (cheeky sod).He reckons it would pull it easily. I must admit I do have a tow bar on my car that I have never used since having it fitted!

All the service history is up to date as well, so once we get it, I need to see about getting it transferred over to us.

Anyway as they were meeting at an airfield, I’d asked Tracey to text the chap and ensure he brought proof of ownership etc and something with his address on it. Bless him, he brought not only the proof of ownership, but also his passport and a utility bill. Tracey said he was a lovely little welsh man and she took to him immediately. (It was obvious he was genuine).

Anyway apparently he’s bringing it over tomorrow which is now putting me into a slight panic as I’m not sure I’ve got all the money together yet. I’m over at Grimsby hospital tomorrow counting beds n stuff, but I’m going to have to go to the bank first and hope I can get the rest of this money out. (Why do banks make it so difficult to draw out cash)? I can’t expect the man to take a cheque in part payment (I know I wouldn’t), and I’m going to have to give him something for bringing it all the way over here. We’ve been very lucky when I think about it.

Lol just a few days ago I was saying we would maybe have to wait until the end of May or June before we could get a caravan, and then I was thinking of something probably about 5 years old. It looks like we are now the proud owners of something just over 2 years old. (How cool is that)?

Just to finish, apparently our intrepid travellers hit a fair amount of turbulence coming home and Adam was violently sick all over Dave’s posh upholstery. Tracey said she was utterly mortified though apparently Dave was really nice about it. (I bet it was through gritted teeth lol).

John absolutely hates getting stuck into anything like cleaning sick, but she said he was racing to the terminal building (or whatever it’s called) when they landed looking for upholstery cleaner and really got stuck into it, so I guess he was pretty mortified too.

I shouldn’t smirk, but I must admit to the odd one slipping out whilst I’m typing this. I told Bob what had happened about Adam being sick on the journey and he sort of grinned and said, phew pleased we wen’t there.

Can’t help but agree lol.